Monday, December 5, 2022

The Kinetic Technique by H. A. Overstreet (1925)

Influencing Human Behavior by H. A. Overstreet was published in 1925. I purchased an old hardcover copy of his book over a year ago because, some other book I was reading referred to it as a master work. Overstreet's book has been sitting on my oak book shelf, which was built by a very nice Mennonite man in Maryland, ever since it arrived.

I spent the weekend of November 26th and 27th entering all my "print books" into a software program called Calibre ( which by the way, is mainly for managing E-books.

After saving the information from an ISBN import, I began reading. I stopped on page 12 after reading what Overstreet wrote about capturing one's attention using "The Kinetic Technique".

I stopped reading because this piece of wisdom so grabbed ahold of me, I wanted to let it seep into my mind.

Two days later on Tuesday morning at 1:45 AM I woke to a racing mind. "What book talked about a dot on the wall?" I kept searching, and searching my thoughts. Nothing.

"Ah, the influencing human behavior book."

Why was this so important that it woke me up? My website (read that as I) totally violated the principle of movement. Every page on my website has the same big-ass banner. I was making all my visitors (read that as potential customers) stare at a dot on the wall. How boring is that.

I jumped out of bed right then and there and started working on removing the dot from my website. It took me a few days, but I managed to get rid of that dot. But more importantly, I learned a valuable lesson from some ink that was printed nearly 100 years ago.

Thank you Mr. H. A. Overstreet. I can't wait to see what else of yours seeps into my mind.

Influencing Human Behavior - H. A. Overstreet (page 12)

Gunny Mike