Saturday, August 1, 2020

Applications Built With Delphi ( Add yours with 3 clicks )

Here is a link to a web page I found that lists applications built with Delphi.

The best part about this site... you can add your own software if it's not listed. It comes with a built in editor:

When you click on "Edit" and edit window pops up. Scroll down until you find the appropriate spot to add your software. Click on the left cell and it becomes highlighted.

Click on the little arrow to the left and you will be prompted to insert a row above or below the highlighted cell.

Then simply add your software product and give it a link to your product page. Then add your software description in the right cell.

If you know of a website or web page that maintains a list of applications created with Delphi please add it using the comments. I will keep this post updated with all the links provided.

Gunny Mike