Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Changing the Cursor in FireMonkey

I just watched a video on How to Change the Cursor in FireMonkey by Alister Christie. As I watched this video I learned just how much of a Delphi noob I really am. I had no idea you could go from in-line code to class to interface.

Thank you Alister for a great video and mind-opening experience.

Semper Fi,
Gunny Mike

Friday, May 16, 2014

Make the Most of EMBT's DocWiki

I'm just getting ready to explore chapter 3 of Cary Jensen's Delphi in Depth: ClientDataSets and I stopped to research one of the DataSetProvider options - poFetchDetailsOnDemand.

So, I highlighted the poFetchDetailsOnDemand option in the Object Inspector and pushed F1. It brings up the woefully inadequate local help reference. I was expecting to see a list of all the options with their associated meanings.

Then I googled delphi poFetchDetailsOnDemand, not what I was looking for.

So then I googled site:docwiki.embarcadero.com poFetchDetailsOnDemand

Google Search Syntax:

And... poof... perfect... just what I was looking for.

EMBT should redirect the F1-key to do a web search on their DocWiki and do away with the local help.


Semper Fi,
Gunny Mike