Saturday, January 30, 2016

A few minor "out of the box" tweaks for Delphi 10 Seattle

I recently upgraded to Delphi 10 Seattle Update 1. The first thing I noticed when I fired up the IDE was the font size of the Object Inspector and Tool Palette looked oddly larger. Then I remembered I had tweaked these settings a while ago when I first installed Delphi 10 Seattle. Of course I couldn't remember how I did this but I did remember there was a discussion about it somewhere.

The "out of the box" font setting for Delphi 10 Seattle is Segoe UI with a font size of 10. I prefer a font size of 9. Embarcadero has a nice wiki on how to change the initial settings.

I made one minor adjustment to EMBT's recommended settings:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"FontName"="Segoe UI"
The only other tweak I made was to the editor font. I prefer "Consolas" mainly because it formats zeros with a slash which makes them stand out from the letter "O". The editor font is located here:

Tools > Options > Editor Options > Display

Share your "out of the box" tweaks for Delphi 10 Seattle in the comments.

Enjoy - Semper Fi
Gunny Mike