Sunday, July 6, 2014

Just had to share - XE4 includes Beyond Compare

Wow, I just discovered that Delphi XE4 comes with Beyond Compare.

I right-clicked on the project-name from within Project Manager with the intent of choosing the Show in Explorer option when I noticed the Compare option at the bottom. I was pleasantly surprised to see Launch Beyond Compare.

There are two ways to launch Beyond Compare from within the IDE:


Makes me think I should spend more time exploring the IDE.

Enjoy - Semper Fi,
Gunny Mike


  1. A third way to launch Beyond Compare is on the History tab in the Differences sub-tab. Select two versions to get the diff for them, and then on the embedded toolbar there's a drop-down that allows you to launch an external diff tool, where it should already know about and offer up Beyond Compare.
    (Going from memory here, so any errors are due to deficiencies in my recall ability).

  2. Hey Gunny,
    it was aready there in Delphi XE2.

  3. Is it a full version or limited only to use within the IDE?