Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Simple Way to Learn About Methods and Properties

I've decided this time around with Delphi, I'm going to do things as best as I possibly can. A long time ago I met Jeff Duntemann (here's his blog). If you know Jeff, you know he has an astounding vocabulary. I asked him about that once and he responded:
"Michael, the reason for my vocabulary is simple, my parents. When I asked for the definition of a particular word they told me to look it up in the dictionary. And while you are reading about that word, read about every word on both facing pages."
Jeff developed this habit when he was young and he still carrys it with him today. What a simple concept. I have decided to use this idea when I go looking up a the reference to a property or method of a Delph object. Not only am I going to read about the property I was intially interested in, I will read about all the other properties and methods.

Thank you Jeff, I finally figured out how to use your dictionary lookup idea!

Semper Fi - Gunny Mike

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  1. In delphi, given the choice between reading the help for the VCL or RTL and reading the source, reading the source is closer to "going to the dictionary". Allow me to recommend the Source Route. Reading the source shows the real definition of what the VCL or RTL feature does.