Sunday, June 28, 2020

How to create a "Cheat Sheet" of your favorite @Lynda courses

I finally purchased Camtasia a couple weeks ago so I could create videos in support the upgrade I'm doing of my Zilch Standard software. This is just an interim upgrade that I'm doing using an old copy of Delphi 5 with source code from 2006, even though I have Delphi 10.3 😎

I love There are so many courses available on many different subjects. The best part is my free access through the Boston Public Library ( I was paying $40 a month until a co-worker told me I could get access for free using my BPL e-card. Check and see if your local library offers free access to @Lynda.

It's a shame that there are no Delphi or Object Pascal courses on @Lynda. There's a story there but you'll have to ask me in person about this one.

Anyway, had forgotten what the instructor said was the best screen resolution to use. So, I logged back into my account and pulled up my course history. Did a search for what I was looking for and then discovered a hidden gem inside all the courses.

"I discovered a hidden gem inside all the courses"

Notes. I knew you could take notes but I didn't know you could turn those notes into a permanent "cheat sheet". So, I decided to just make a video on how to take notes. It's good practice for me and hopefully you find it beneficial.

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These are the two courses I took on Lynda:
Camtasia 2019 Essential Training: The Basics (2hr 5min)

Camtasia 2019 Essential Training: Advanced Techniques (2hr 21min)

For voice recording I used my Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000 headphones with built in microphone which I purchased in March 2014.

Semper Fi
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  1. I am finding that more and more FOSS is available that makes commercial purchases less necessary for horizontal use cases. You might want to look at for screen recording. I am also using Ubuntu now as my primary desktop OS and VBox for a Windows guest for Delphi.