Saturday, July 17, 2021

CodeRage 3 Replays - Oldies but Goodies

This morning I was looking for a video on how to debug an application with the Delphi IDE. I came across a two-minute video on YouTube by Francois Gaillard. It was a teaser video intended to pique your interest for the segment he did at Code Rage 3. Unfortunately, there was not a link to the full blown presentation.

I found a link to the Code Rage 3 replays on the way back machine. You can find the original webpage using this link.

There are a lot of really interesting replays from Code Rage 3. Unfortunately, the recordings are done using Adobe Flash which has been discontinued. However all is not lost. You can download a stand-alone Flash Player from the Adobe website using this link

Delphi Debugging for Dummies by Francois Gaillard

After you download and unzip the replays you will see two ".swf" files. one called Session.swf and one called Session_controller.swf. Make sure to open the Session_controller.swf using the Flash Player program downloaded from the Adobe site. This will give you the the status bar with play and pause buttons along with the thumbtack progress bar.

Below is the list of Code Rage 3 presentation with download links.

Delphi / RAD Studio

C++ Builder

Delphi Prism


Delphi for PHP



Database Tools

General Topics

Sessions Presented in Spanish

Sessions Presented in Portuguese

Semper Fi
Gunny Mike

The link to the stand-alone Adobe Flash Player came from an article called "How to Play Adobe Flash SWF Files Outside Your Web Browser" on


  1. Nicely found, I look so much younger in my talk.

  2. Thanks for the extensive catalogue. I was just looking for videos by Marco and Jim ... and I have liked Craig Stuntz's talk for a few years.