Sunday, February 19, 2023

DELPHICON 2023: Every APP Trick in Book with Ian Barker

DELPHICON 2023: Every APP Trick in the Book with Ian Barker 

Timestamp links have been added to each of the individual sections of this presentation.

Every App Trick in the Book


Elevation Button (VCL Only)


Settings Persistence

User Authentication OAUTH2
TMS SOftware Sphinx (€395 - €595)
eSeGeCe OAuth2 Client (€349 - €649)

NEW User BioMetrics

Check for Internet Conncetion

Splash Screens

Adding Some Coolness

Themes and Styles

Detecting Dark Mode (and Reacting when it changes)

Checking for Updates (2007)

In-App Scripting
TMS Script Studio Pro (€190 - €630)

Single Instance

Manipulating Images

To the Web
uniGUI ($395 - $890)
IntraWeb (€399 - €2,399)
TMS WEB Core (€395 - €1,295)

Let's Encrypt - Free SSL Certificates
Pault Toth Delphi ACME

Reverse Proxy via NGINX

Semper Fi
Gunny Mike

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