Sunday, May 6, 2012

Print to File Options Supported by ReportBuilder

Wow, I'm really impressed with the out of the box, Print to File options that come with ReportBuilder. All you do is set the AllowPrintToFile to True and you are done!

The default Print to File option is PDF. But there are several others. The image formats create one image per page. The HTML option creates an *_htm_images folder for any images that might be on the report.

Image modifed to show all Type options

Print to File accepts the Page Range options as well. I even tried breaking it by printing page 3 of a 2 page report. No errors popped up and no output file was created.

I am extremely pleased with my purchase. ReportBuilder has proven to be everything I expected it to be and more.

Semper Fi - Gunny Mike

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