Saturday, July 13, 2013

Add DBDemos to ElevatdDB Manager on Windows 7

It turns out that Windows 7 has issues with BDE Administrator. I found this out when I tried to migrated the DBDemos database to ElevateDB Manager. (ElevateDB Manager is to ElevateDB as SQL Management Studio is to SQL Server)

I got this very strange error...

What the hell is PDOXUSRS.NET?

It's a file BDE uses to store Paradox user information. It turns out that the default location BDE uses for storing information is the root of Drive C: . Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not allow this behavior. This was one of those "I love Delphi, I hate Delphi" days. I hate spending six hours trying to figure out this kind of crap. Now that it's figured out... I love Delphi... go figure.

Here how to fix this error:

First and foremost the BDE Administrator (bdeadmin.exe) must be set to run in Compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2). If you don't change the compatibility mode setting for this program it will sit and spin when you try to save the changes. At that point your only option is to kill it with Task Manager.

Step 1: Set bdeadmin.exe to run in compatibility mode with XP SP2

Step 2: Create a folder in the root of the C: Drive called BDEShare

Step 3: Run BDE Administrator and change the NET DIR setting to C:\BDEShare

Step 4: Right click on PARADOX and choose Apply
Step 5: Click OK
Step 6: Close the notification dialog
Step 7: Close BDE Adminstrator
Step 8: Follow the instructions in my original DBDemos post

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